About Us

F.C.C Projects Private Limited  is built on a legacy that has stood the test of time. Technological and design excellence, and a discerning eye for quality and safety are some of the characteristics that distinguish F.C.C ‘s tradition for perfection in its areas of operation.

Its track record spans significant  projects built over several decades, with a prominent presence across all sectors of civil engineering, design and construction.

F.C.C ‘s  projects cover businesses and projects involving highways, public utilities and environmental engineering .

“without sustained excellence legacy is like a house of wax which will melt on little heat of scrutiny “



The beginning of such a formidable company is to be found in the vision of an equally formidable man. Mr. Neb Raj Bhatia ,who started his journey with few trusted and hardworking minds. He was the energy source for such a vision to come true, which made the company run for last 34 years. His foresight was fundamental to the company reaching its present stature. His pioneering spirit led to such creations which are crucial part of the building nation.